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The sounds we do and don’t want to hear

On September 5th hundreds of thousands of Shofars will be blown around the globe symbolizing celebrations of hope and new beginnings. It is mentioned at various time periods and in many stories found with ancient texts. When it is heard it reminds us of our Ancient Ties. One particular ancient story that comes to my, […]

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Any dream will do

Any person around the globe accessing the Google home page will be able to know that today we look back and reflect on what can happen when people dream about something and work to make it a reality. I, Ariel Dagan of Worcester, MA ┬ádo not want to take any more time on what you […]

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Brotherly love as expressed by Juda and Joseph

The Ties that Bind

One thing is certain, the holidays are all about friends and family. It does not matter if you always get along with all your family members, one way or another you find that the holidays bring you together. After all, there is something special that we share with each other. Does this also carry true […]

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