The Ties that Bind

Brotherly love as expressed by Juda and JosephOne thing is certain, the holidays are all about friends and family. It does not matter if you always get along with all your family members, one way or another you find that the holidays bring you together. After all, there is something special that we share with each other.

Does this also carry true when we are far away from one another? Well, today as communications are as easy as picking up the phone, sending an email or posting a message on a social networks, communications are made simpler.

What if you were not in communication with one another or if you had a fight or disagreement long ago? Can you forgive someone after many years? Avi Katz has captured Judah pleading before Joseph ( number two in Egypt). Judah did not know it was his brother. In any case, Joseph finally breaks his distance after seeing that Judah was ready to go to jail instead of Benjamin.

Family reunions are great. We get to come together, celebrate in the present, and remember stories of our past. Even if one member of our household might have hurt us, family ties can stand the test of time.       By Ariel Dagan

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